Five-Hour Wait Reported at Atlanta Polling Site

Voters stood in long lines on the morning of June 9 to vote in Georgia’s primary, as residents complained of technical difficulties at the polls.

This footage was taken at a polling site in southwest Atlanta, by local resident Sarita Alami. Alami told Storyful she lined up to vote at 6.45 am — 15 minutes prior to polls opening statewide — but only got to vote after noon. Alami and others present at the site stated that the one machine at the polling location was broken on the morning of June 9. Alami also told Storyful that a number of recently registered voters weren’t appearing in the voting system and had to cast provisional ballots.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported technical issues in other parts of Atlanta.

The primary ballots comprise races for president and the US Senate and House, as well as local races such as state assembly representatives and sheriffs. Polls are open from 7 am to 7 pm.

This primary is the first time Georgia has employed a new voting system, which features touchscreens and printed paper ballots as backups. Credit: Sarita Alami via Storyful