Five-Foot Brown Snake 'Tenses' as It Tries to Evade Capture in Queensland Home

A stubborn five-foot eastern brown snake “tensed” its muscles as it took refuge in irrigation pipes and tried to evade a snake catcher in Buderim, Queensland, footage shows.

Queensland snake catcher Stuart McKenzie was called to a home in Buderim after residents spotted an eastern brown snake chasing a rat into pipes.

Video shared on Facebook on November 17 shows McKenzie remove piping from the walls of the house and attempt to coax the reptile out. The snake, however, had other ideas.

McKenzie accessed both ends of the pipe and at one stage had the pipe hanging vertical. The snake refused to budge and McKenzie comments that the snake pinned itself to the side of the pipe and was “holding himself upside down.”

“Eventually we coaxed the snake out by poking him with a hose from one end and he went straight into the bag with very little fuss other than a bit of hissing,” McKenzie said on Facebook. Credit: Stuart McKenzie via Storyful

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