Five demos to try from the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition

The 2020 Steam Summer Game Fest begins with a 900-demo slate available until June 22 at 10am PDT. Here are nine to start with.

A Space for the Unbound (PC Mac)

Boy meets girl meets supernatural powers and a world-ending scenario in the sedate late-'90s Indonesian countryside. This prologue acts as an introduction to the imminent full game, just as its studio's other contemplative upcoming release, "When the Past was Around," also has a prologue (as well as a Games Fest demo).

Soldat 2 (PC Mac Linux)
A frantic 2D multiplayer arena action game stuffed with impactful weaponry, death-defying acrobatics, customizable characters and a community level editor planned for this mid-2020 Early Access release.

Growbot (PC Mac Linux)

Point and click to help a dome-headed, pink chinchilla-brained robot save her biopunk space station from crystals that won't stop growing everywhere.

Ghostrunner (PC)
Leap from pillar to post as a swift and deadly cybernetic sci-fi ninja, pursuing the tower city's Keymaster for revenge and liberty. Also coming to PS4 and XBO.

Snowtopia (PC)

A ski resort building and management in which you carve slopes and buildings out of snowy mountainsides, improving facilities to attract and satisfy several different kinds of holidaymaker.

Chinatown Detective Agency (PC Mac)
Stroll the neon-bathed streets of 2032 Singapore as an ex-Interpol private investigator, unpicking mysteries that crisscross the city state, building up your agency and travelling far and wide in search of clues and clients.

A Monster's Expedition (PC Mac)

Fell trees and roll logs on a journey of discovery through an island archipelago, finding out about strange faux-facts and artifacts from the odd world of Human Englandland.

The Wild at Heart (PC)
As Wake and Kirby, two kids on the run within the deep Dark Woods, it's time to use a cobbled-together Gustbuster to scoop up scrap, fashion makeshift bridges out of forest detritus and corral the little Spritelings that will fashion your path through this modern fairytale adventure.

Everspace 2 (PC)

Engage in aerial combat in deep space, on planetary surfaces and in vast underground tunnels in this exciting crowdfunded sequel that's just launched into a closed alpha testing phase.