Five arrested following food-related restaurant trashing caught on camera

Police have detained five individuals they believe to be connected with a Tuesday night brawl in a Sibu, Sarawak restaurant that saw them trash the premises. The cause of their ire? “Food-related issues” and a misunderstanding with the the eatery’s waiters, according to media reports.

Some of the group were apprehended shortly after the incident, following the Jalan Pahlawan restaurant owner’s filing of a police report on the matter.

A social media user uploaded a clip of the fracas, taken from the safety of across the street, showing the men using plastic chairs to damage the restaurant’s fridge, ceiling and till at 9:30pm on Tuesday night. Over RM20,000 (US$5,000) in damages were caused to the premises.

Emerging reports have also indicated that a worker was injured, beaten by the men with brooms.

Of the five arrested, aged between 18 and 31, only one had a job, the other four are unemployed. Three of the men were found to be intoxicated when taken in by police.

All will be held in police remand for two days while officers investigate.

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