Fitness influencer Anna Victoria normalises not 'bouncing back' post-baby in new video

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Photo credit: Anna Victoria - Instagram
Photo credit: Anna Victoria - Instagram

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When it comes to no BS fitness advice, one person who sits firmly at the top of our go-to list is personal trainer Anna Victoria. The PT, who founded her own workout method, Fit Body App, gave birth to her first child, Aurora, earlier this year and has since has remained candid about her evolving body ever since.

It's no secret that sadly many women feel the pressure to "bounce back" to their pre-pregnancy body in a short space of time, in part due to unrealistic portrayals of that happening (and then being praised) online, or through celebrities (who can shell out for top trainers, chefs and childcare) – but Anna is staunchly against all that.

Posting a new video of herself in a bra and leggings, the PT responded to a suggestion that came through to her when she asked fans what they wanted to see a photo of on Instagram (where she has 1.2 million followers), and one said 'Post pregnant transformation'.

To this, Anna captioned the clip of her lovingly stroking her postpartum stomach, "When someone asks me where my post pregnancy transformation is... it isn’t here yet 😏 this is where I’m at and I’m so at peace with it. Normalize not bouncing back right away pls 🙌 #18weekspostpartum #fbggirls"

It's not the first time Anna has spoken frankly to her followers about how her body has changed from pregnancy and how she's taking it easy. At thirteen weeks postpartum, she posted two unedited selfies (that she previously shared on Stories) with the caption:

"The number of women who replied to these on my Insta stories and said these pictures made them cry is astonishing. They said they never see 'influencers' being real about their postpartum bodies and instead, they just see those who have bounced back. So here it is, on my feed, so you can revisit this on a day when you might need it. Read through the comments of all the women saying 'me too' so you know you’re not alone, but most importantly... that your postpartum body is nothing to be ashamed of."

The fitness enthusiast added, "If anything, I feel so much more at ease with my tummy now than I did pre-pregnancy because I have a damn good reason to have this tummy and these stretch marks 😄🙌 If you want to work out for YOU, go for it 🙌 I’m doing the same! As freaking hard as my workouts are these days, I want to feel STRONG and take care of myself so I can best take care of Aurora."

She also commented on her stretch marks too, writing, "And for those asking what I’m going to do about my stretch marks. Um.. nothing? Why should I? Society has told us women for too long that there’s a product for every “problem”, but I don’t see them as a problem soooo... I’ll save my $$ AND my sanity. Decide what you give power to."

Three cheers to Anna for keeping it real. It's so important that we normalise images of postpartum bodies.

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