Fitness Enthusiast Takes #StayAtHomeChallenge to the Next Level

The #StayAtHomeChallenge and #10TouchChallenge, sparked by toilet paper shortages and self-isolation associated with the new coronavirus, COVID-19, outbreak, see people showing off their ball control skills using rolls of toilet paper.

Elijah Ramsay, one half of the British fitness enthusiast duo the Ramsey Twins, shared this video showing the challenge taken to another level.

Ramsay can be seen practicing his kick-up skills before flicking the toilet roll up, catching it on the back of his neck, and dropping to the floor to do push-ups. He finishes with a flourish by standing up and flipping the toilet roll back into his hands.

“This is what self isolation does to you,” he wrote in a post on Instagram. Credit: Elijah Ramsay via Storyful