The first true dual screen laptop is finally here for productivity fans but don't expect it to be cheap — GPD's mysterious notebook has a pair of fold-out vertical OLED displays

 GPD Duo Dual-Screen .
GPD Duo Dual-Screen .

GPD is perhaps best known for producing compact and portable gaming laptops and handheld gaming consoles - but now appears to be branching out with plans to make its first proper laptop, albeit one with an intriguing twist.

GPD first teased its Duo Dual-Screen device on X on May 24, along with a few, scant details. We knew it would be the “world's first duo OLED screen laptop” with 10-bit color depth and 1.07 billion colors. GPD also stated it would offer “Integrated design, Multiply interface, Super portable, Powerful performance.”

Now, the company has revealed a lot more of what to expect, including a photo of the product itself, which you can see above.

Productivity laptop

Posting the photo on X, GPD revealed that the Duo Dual-Screen would be an “Engineer's 13.3-inch productivity laptop”. The company also provided more details on the specs of the device, and it sounds like a winner.

The post states, “The GPD DUO features dual 13.3-inch OLED screens, utilizing Samsung's original AM-OLED panels. When folded, the device is the size of an A4 sheet of paper, and when both screens are fully extended, it measures 18 inches. It supports 10-point touch, 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity with a stylus, the MPP protocol, and is compatible with the Surface Pen stylus.”

Additional details have also been appearing on GPD’s Discord channel. We know it will have a standard QWERTY keyboard and the dual screens will weigh only half as much as the main unit, so you won’t need to worry about it tipping over.

We don’t know exactly what ports the laptop will have, but judging from the picture, it looks as if there is an Ethernet port at the rear and two USB ports on the side. It also looks like there’s an OcuLink port so you can connect pro GPU cards to the device.

We don’t know the price or when GPD plans to start shipping the product, but it’s safe to assume the Duo Dual-Screen won’t be cheap.

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