First Teaser For Agatha All Along Promises Perfect Halloween TV

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After a long wait, the first official teaser trailer for Disney and Marvel’s Agatha All Along, the highly anticipated upcoming spin-off of WandaVision, is here, and it seems to be promising a creepy, fun, and wild time for everyone’s favorite witch.

WandaVision, released in 2021, was the first Disney+ Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action show and it became a massive hit due to its creative episodes and catchy song. In case you were living under a rock in 2021, toward the end of the show (spoilers) it was revealed that Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness was the evil witch causing much of Wanda’s pain and suffering inside a giant magical hex. This big reveal happened via an extremely catchy song that ended up going mega-viral on social media. That song, Agatha All Along, is also the name of the new upcoming spin-off which just got its first teaser.

On July 8, after the series underwent numerous name changes, Disney released a teaser trailer for Agatha All Along, which is set to premiere on Disney+ with two episodes on September 18.

Here’s the official show description courtesy of Marvel and Variety:

“The infamous Agatha Harkness finds herself down and out of power after a suspicious goth teen helps break her free from a distorted spell. Her interest is piqued when he begs her to take him on the legendary Witches’ Road, a magical gauntlet of trials that, if survived, rewards a witch with what they’re missing. Together, Agatha and this mysterious teen pull together a desperate coven, and set off down, down, down The Road.”

In the trailer, we see direct nods to the television-themed WandaVision as well as a bigger focus on creepy witch shenanigans and new stars and characters, like Aubrey Plaza as the witch Rio Vidal. It seems Vidal has a history with Harkness and I’m curious to see how these two are connected. I’m also just really excited for a witchy, creepy, spooky show like this to be arriving right around Halloween season, aka the best time of the year.

Oh and come on, Kathryn Hahn is great, and giving her a full TV show is wonderful. Hopefully, Agatha All Along lives up to the hype and can match or even exceed WandaVision when it lands on September 18 exclusively on Disney+.


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