First report is out of inquiry into Manchester Arena attack

The first of three reports of the Manchester Arena Inquiry have been published, revealing major security failings at the venue during the night of the 2017 terror attack. Twenty-two people died and hundreds were left injured in a suicide bombing from Salman Abedi after an Ariana Grande concert. Inquiry Chairman Sir John Saunders revealed on Thursday the multiple “missed opportunities” by security at the arena before the attack including not identifying Abedi as a threat, and a member of the public being brushed off after raising concerns about the suicide-bomber. The Chairman also noted that the venue had “inadequate” security camera systems which left a blind spot for Abedi to hide before detonating the device.The inquiry heard that none of the four BTP officers on patrol were in the arena’s foyer during time of the attack. Saunders concluded that Abedi would have still detonated the device but the loss of life is “highly likely to have been less.” .

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