First Lady Jill Biden Tells ‘The View’ Biden Vs. Trump Is Battle Against “Chaos” & “Evil”: Polls “Are Going To Turn”

First Lady Jill Biden swatted away suggestions that President Joe Biden is too old for the job, saying on ABC’s The View today that her husband, at 81, is “about the same age” as the assumed challenger Donald Trump, who turns 78 in two weeks.

“This election is not about age,” she said, adding, “This is about character.”

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“You have to believe [Trump],” she continued, “when he uses words like ‘dictator,’ ‘bloodbath,’ ‘third term,’ ‘violence.’ We’ve seen it, so when he says these words believe him, don’t think this isn’t going to happen.”

Asked about polls that put Trump ahead of Biden, the First Lady said, “Those polls are going to turn, I’m confident of it, because as time goes on and people start to focus a little bit more about what’s at stake and start to become educated on the issues and the differences between the two men, I believe Americans are going to choose good over evil.”

Stumping for her husband, the First Lady emphasized the seriousness of the choice Americans will make this November, describing the options as strong leadership (her husband) and “chaos” (You Know Who, as View moderator Whoopi Goldberg has long referred to Trump).

Asked about the importance of the upcoming June 27 and September 10 debates, the First Lady emphasized that debate organizers plan to cut off mics to prevent crosstalk, “so that somebody can’t ramble or scream at somebody, not that my husband would be the one doing that.”

“I think the American people deserve a debate because you need to see the choices,” she said. “You need to see Trump and you need to see the President…and you’re going to see how smart (Biden) is and the experience he has and then you’ll see…somebody who can’t put a sentence together.”

The First Lady’s visit to The View comes on the day that jury deliberations begin in the New York City hush-money case against Trump. The trial was not discussed during the interview.

The View interview with Jill Biden also touched on subjects including student protests and the economy. Watch clips of the interview below.

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