First Lady Jill Biden Receives White House Christmas Tree

First Lady Jill Biden received the White House Christmas tree on Monday, November 21, in Washington, DC, livestreamed video shows.

Video livestreamed by the White House on Monday shows the first lady receiving the tree in Washington to kick off the Christmas season.

Dr Biden was accompanied by her two-year-old grandson, Beau, who was spotted during the National Turkey Pardon earlier in the day. Credit: The White House via Storyful

Video transcript


- Madame, first lady, how do you like the tree?

JILL BIDEN: I love the tree. How do you like the tree?

- Beautiful.

- It's beautiful.

JILL BIDEN: It's beautiful, and this is the family that gave us the tree. They're from Pennsylvania, the whole family. You should come up and get a picture here.


Yeah, this is my grandson. He's two. He wanted to come out and see the tree.

- What's your grandson's name?

JILL BIDEN: Bo. Do you want to tell them anything about the tree?

- Well, it's a [? Cancala ?] fir. It was planted about 20 years ago, and it was in a patch of trees that we ended up harvesting. And there was something special about this tree, so we decided to keep it just for this event. And low and behold, we were successful enough to win the national competition last year, and that gave us the honor to put this tree here in the White House.

JILL BIDEN: [INAUDIBLE] Thank you so much for giving [INAUDIBLE].

- You're quite welcome.


- I think it will fill the room.


JILL BIDEN: It will fill our hearts, for sure. Thank you.

Say hello. This is our National Guard family, Kelly and Iyla. He wants to feel the fur on the horse. [INAUDIBLE]


Thank you again. So are you coming to one of the Christmas parties?

- I'm invited?

- Of course, you're invited. You'll have to come see your tree all decorated.