First jaguars born in Argentina in over 70 years

STORY: The mother, named Arami, was freed in 2021 into the Ibera wetlands through a jaguar repopulation project in Corrientes. Their father, Jatobazinho, is a Brazilian jaguar who was donated to the project in 2019 after he was rescued in a rural Brazilian school.

Experts from the Rewilding Foundation, which specializes in preservation of endangered species, said the cubs were born in May 2022. For them, the birth and survival of these two cubs sparks hope for the jaguar repopulation program in the Ibera wetlands, home to 10 reintroduced specimens.

The jaguar, also known in Argentina as 'yaguarete', is considered a ‘national natural heritage’. Rewilding Foundation estimates there are only 250 of these animals living in the wild in Argentina.

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