Who was fired on The Apprentice last night?

Find out who was next to be sent home in the infamous black cab 
Find out who was next to be sent home in the infamous black cab

The latest series of The Apprentice is a month in and last night, viewers tuned in to see what was described as a "ruthless" firing.

This season, Lord Sugar is joined by his trusted advisor Baroness Karen Brady and Tim Campbell MBE.

Contestants go head-to-head each week to win Lord Sugar’s £250,000 business investment as they are tasked with completing a series of challenges.

This week, the remaining candidates were tasked with manufacturing miniature cheesecakes to sell to the public and to a corporate client.

The boys' team was now down one member after Oliver Medforth was fired in week one. But despite doing their best to secure their first win, the girls’ team still came out on top.

Who left The Apprentice last night?

Jack Davies and Amina Khan became the next candidates to leave the show after Lord Sugar chose to bring back every candidate from the losing team back into the boardroom.

It was Jack’s fourth failed task in a row, but his first time back in the boardroom, whilst Amina found herself in the bottom three last week when Sugar fired Asif.

In an interview with, Jack opened up about his time as project manager and his firing.

"To be honest, I was like, 'This is my time'. I'm gonna bring the win here," he explained. "As soon as I knew what was coming up, I was like, 'It's my task, it's negotiation' because that's where my strengths lie. So I took the reins and overall, it was a brilliant day, everyone had loads of time."

"I just think it came down to our team didn't negotiate as well as the other team and they out-negotiated us," he added. "So that's why we failed, and I think that's why they brought everyone back in, because anyone in that team could have been fired, and everyone had some level of responsibility."

Speaking to to reflect on her departure, Amina shared: “I was very upset. You probably saw in the cab scene - my eyes were red, my mascara dripping down my face. That was because, before that, I just had a massive meltdown!”

“Any one of us could have been fired in that task, we all made mistakes in that task.

“Because I was team leader, everybody said ‘Oh Amina’, you know, ‘She did [this] wrong, she did [that] wrong’. But everybody knew that they did [things] wrong too.

“I got fired, and I don’t think I should have been fired in that episode,” Amina added.

The Apprentice continues on Thursdays on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.