Firefighters Rescue Stranded Sausage Dogs in Honduras as Tropical Storm Causes Flooding

Firefighters rescued two dachshunds stranded by flooding in Honduras on November 18, as flooding from Tropical Storm Iota continued to wreak havoc in Central America.

Videos posted to Twitter by Bomberos Honduras shows a rescuer crossing a fast-flowing river to pick up the sausage dogs and bring them back to dry land. A later post shows a dog being handed over to other civilians, described as “safe hands” according to a Google Translate of the Twitter post.

At least six people were killed by the storm and there was extensive damage to crops and infrastructure, according to local media reports.

The storm dissipated over Central America on November 18 but the threats from heavy rains remained in the region, according to the National Hurricane Center. Local media warned of potential landslides. Credit: Bomberos Honduras via Storyful