Firefighters rescue elderly man who fell into well trying to help a cat

An elderly man was rescued by firefighters as he accidentally fell into a 30-foot deep (9.1 metre) well trying to rescue a cat in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The incident took place in Aminjikarai neighbourhood of Chennai on June 11.

The video shows the elderly man, P. N. Tyre, is a retired professor of Loyola College, being pulled out from the well by the firefighter using thick ropes.

According to the reports, the man accidentally fell into the well when trying to rescue a cat the was struggling near the well.

The old man’s daughter-in-law then saw him inside the well and called the firefighters for rescue.

She was unable to call the neighbours for help because the locality was in a contaminated zone.

Fire officer Chidambaram and his team carried out the rescue operation.