Firefighters Protect Taylorsville as Dixie Fire Advances

Firefighters sprayed the area in and around Taylorsville, in Plumas County, California, on August 25 to protect the town from the spread of the Dixie Fire, which had scorched over 742,700 acres according to officials that evening.

Footage shows firefighters “mopping up” an area in or near Taylorsville, which was covered in red fire retardant. Mopping up is a term used to describe extinguishing residual fire to make sure it doesn’t continue to spread, and can include actions like breaking apart smoldering debris and ensuring embers are completely extinguished.

Fire officials reported that several spot fires occurred in the Taylorsville area on August 25, but fire crews extinguished them. Additionally, crews carried out patrols and laid down fire retardant in the Taylorsville area. Credit: Lassen National Forest, US Forest Service via Storyful

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