Firefighters Lucky to Dodge Flaming Tire as Burning Crane Explodes

Three Czech firefighters were injured when a crane that was on fire exploded, sending debris, including a flaming tire, in their direction. As the fire service noted in releasing this dramatic video, “the consequences could have been much worse.”

Dashcam footage released by the fire service in the South Moravian Region shows firefighters at the scene in Kozlany. Several stand near to the vehicle when an explosion sends debris flying out. Some of it damages the roof of a house, while a flaming tire flies through the air close to two firefighters at the end of a hose, and narrowly avoids a third man behind.

After the flaming tire is extinguished, a second blast occurs, knocking the dashcam askew.

The Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic said two firefighters were taken to hospital for treatment, but soon released. Credit: Czech Fire Brigade via Storyful

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