Fire Tornado Propels Tree Towards Firefighters During Attica Wildfire in Greece

Firefighters battling the Attica wildfire in Vilia, Greece, on August 18 encountered a fire tornado which uprooted a tree and propelled it towards them and local bystanders.

In footage captured by Makka Daniela, who was residing at her holiday home in the area at the time of the incident, firefighters and bystanders can be seen scrambling to avoid the tree as it is launched towards them.

According to reports, buses were on standby to evacuate residents due to the danger the fire posed to homes in the village and nearby areas.

Authorities warned of “extreme” fire risk in the Attica region and on Evia Island on Sunday, August 22, and issued a burn ban for the areas, local reports said. Credit: Makka Daniela via Storyful

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