Fire Leads to Massive Power Outage in Argentina

Millions were without power in Argentina on Wednesday, March 1, as a result of a fire outside Buenos Aires that triggered a safety shutdown response, local media said, citing officials.

Local media reported the blackout affected around 20 million people, including more than 40,000 in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

The fire was burning in a grassland area west of Buenos Aires and affected a high-voltage connection between Campana and General Rodriguez, two suburbs of the capital. The fire triggered a safety system which turned off several power plants and lines, local media reported, citing a government spokeswoman.

This video showing smoke rising from a fire was filmed by Twitter user @Carlotia5, who said she was in Pilar, which lies between Campana and General Rodriguez. She captioned the footage, “The fire in Pilar, near the high tension towers!! Many helicopters flying over!” according to a machine translation.

Local media reported that thousands were still without power on Thursday morning. Credit: @Carlotia5 via Storyful