Fire Country EP Previews a Free Bode’s Big Dilemmas: Will a Wedding Be Crashed in Season Finale?

Fire Country EP Previews a Free Bode’s Big Dilemmas: Will a Wedding Be Crashed in Season Finale?

Bode Leone is a free man as Fire Country‘s Season 2 finale unfolds this Friday night on CBS.

But is he free to pursue what his heart wants? That is the question.

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Showrunner Tia Napolitano had hoped to keep viewers wondering a bit longer if Bode (played by series co-creator Max Thieriot) would truly get sprung from Three Rock, after his saving of his father Vince’s (Billy Burke) life during the Lazarus fire earned him a 12-month credit against time served. “We specifically don’t show him free yet at the end of [Episode] 209,” the EP told TVLine on Wednesday afternoon.

On-air promos, though, have since trumpeted the fact that Bode is indeed out and about in his hometown of Edgewater. But making the transition from firefighting con to Cal Fire probie will prove to one of Bode’s greatest fights yet.

“We laid a bit of track for that [obstacle] when we saw Charlie graduate [from Three Rock] last year. We saw what the future looks like for these inmates,” Napolitano reminds. “People have opinions about inmates going from fire camps to being free and joining Cal Fire. It really isn’t an easy road. You really have to fight for it and want it. So, we’ll see Bode’s version of pursuing that.”

Bode’s new lease on life bittersweetly arrives on the eve of ex-girlfriend Gabriela’s (Stephanie Arcila) wedding to Diego (Rafael de la Fuente) — though father-of-the-bride Manny’s (Kevin Alejandro) vanishing act, in order to dodge arrest for his assault of Luke a few weeks back, could give Gaby cause to call things off. (Watch an exclusive sneak peek above.)

“We’ll wonder where Manny is for a bit,” Napolitano previews, explaining that “being in control of remaining free until his daughter’s wedding” fueled Manny’s frankly questionable decision. “But who know how that’s going to go!”

Even if Manny does materialize in time for mija‘s big day, Bode — and even the bride herself! — could prove to be different kind of hitches. After all, Gabriela did pull her ex into a passionate liplock whilst in the “bubble” of last week’s Lazarus blaze.

“The idea behind that kiss is the spontaneity of the campaign fire, where you’re just living in the now,” says Napolitano. “I don’t think that she really was thinking about carrying the memory of that kiss home with her.”

Is Fire Country gearing up to deliver its version of The Graduate, as the clock ticks closer to 10 pm on Friday night?

“I love a wedding, and I’ve always said that when you get married, every relationship comes into super-focus,” including those with parents, friends and “maybe the man you want to marry instead of the man you’re walking down the aisle with,” Napolitano says. “It intensifies everything. So you’ll just have to see!”

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