Fire Consumes Banquet Hall as Floodwaters Surround New Jersey Businesses

A banquet hall in Manville, New Jersey, was engulfed by flames while surrounded by floodwaters in the early hours of September 3, as the remnants of storm Ida caused devastation across the US Northeast.

Footage from Robert Perlitz shows the blaze at The Saffron on Manville’s on South Main Street, which firefighters could not reach due to the flooding.

Residents said they heard a loud explosion when the fire broke out at around 2 am, ABC 7 reported.

“I was sitting in my living room and felt the blast,” Perlitz said. “It shook the whole house and I felt it in my chest. I thought something blew up in the house.”

The catastrophic flooding killed at least 25 people in New Jersey and another 21 people across New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, according to the New York Times. Credit: Robert Perlitz via Storyful

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