Fire chief describes 'carnage' at Wisconsin parade

HOWARD: "It was just...Just carnage. I liken it to a war zone."

Waukesha fire chief Steve Howard struggled to find the words to describe what he saw after a man rammed his SUV through a Christmas parade in Wisconsin over the weekend, killing 5 people and injuring 48 more, including two children in critical condition.

THOMPSON: "We actually had a squad and barricades up. And he drove right through the barricades and the officers. And the officer tried to engage and stop the threat, he still continued through the crowd."

Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson at a press conference Monday said 39-year old Darrell Brooks, a Milwaukee resident, had been arrested and will be charged with homicide.

Thompson said the incident was not related to terrorism, and that police were not pursuing Brooks when he plowed into the parade. But said Brooks had been involved in a domestic incident shortly before he drove through the crowd.

Police got a call reporting that incident, Thompson said, but didn't even get to respond.

THOMPSON: "Was there an initial complaint of a knife being involved? Yes. Do we know if there actually was one there? We don't know because we didn't even make it there. We ended up immediately responding to the crisis."

Police said the victims who were killed ranged from 52 to 81 years old.

The chief said he was on the scene within minutes.

THOMPSON: "And what I saw out of chaos and tragedy was heroes -- first responders in the community coming together and working together on triaging victims, getting these victims to the hospital."

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office said Brooks was previously charged with restricting or obstructing an officer, bail jumping and battery. A $1,000 cash bond was posted earlier this month.

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