Finally! You can now 3D print your own laptop — Framework open sources 3D CAD designs for its cracking Laptop 16 notebook so hopefully kickstarting a mod community

 Framework Laptop 16.
Credit: Framework

We’re big fans of Framework at TechRadar Pro. The company’s modular laptops make it easy to get the computer you want, at a sensible price, and upgrade the various parts as needed. Running out of space? Just chuck in a bigger drive. Battery no longer holding a charge? Replace it.

The company recently unveiled a new version of its Framework Laptop 13 with Intel Core Ultra processors, 9.2-megapixel webcam, and support for 96GB of DDR5 RAM, and will start shipping that in August.

Framework has found itself battling unprecedented demand for its larger Laptop 16 recently, but has announced the device is back in stock and “shipping from inventory”. That’s not the only announcement the company had to make though. It’s released open source 3D CAD files of the laptop, so users can start their own community projects, and even potentially 3D print a full laptop.

CAD files available now

“With open source documentation around the module systems in Framework Laptop 16, we’re seeing some incredible community developed projects in progress too," the company said.

"Joseph Schroedl created an open source RGB LED Matrix that can retrofit into the normal LED Matrix Input Module enclosure, and EmilioP designed a carrying case for Expansion Bay modules. To enable even more amazing community projects, today we’re releasing open source 3D CAD of the laptop itself, unlocking development of cases, skins, and other customization parts.”

The external 3D CAD of the system and the main modules that will enable development of 3D-printed replacement parts, skins, cases, and more, can be found on GitHub.

Framework is hoping that open-sourcing and releasing these CAD files will kickstart a mod community dedicated to 3D-printing replacement parts and other accessories, while also sharing ideas. The firm declares, "We're excited to see what you do with it!" Us too.

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