Finally, Microsoft has successfully integrated Copilot AI into its Microsoft Launcher for Android smartphones

 Microsoft Launcher with new Copilot.
Microsoft Launcher with new Copilot.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft has updated its Launcher app for Android to version 6.240402.2.1139391 in the beta channel.

  • The update brings Microsoft Copilot integration into the launcher app.

  • Microosft has been slipping its Copilot AI integration into nearlly all its app, but its Android launcher has lagged behind in development in the last year.

It took longer than expected, but Microsoft has finally added its Copilot AI to its Microsoft Launcher app for Android smartphones.

In an update dated May 27th, version 6.240402.2.1139391, at least for those enrolled in the beta (via the Google Play store), get a nice welcome message that the app now has Copilot weaved throughout.

What's new: Microsoft Launcher v6.240402.2.1139391

Copilot in Your Feed We're thrilled to enhance your Microsoft Launcher experience with the integration of Copilot right into your feed. This update brings your everyday Al companion closer to you:

  • Effortless Access: Copilot is now just a swipe away, ready to assist you with answers and content creation. 

  • Creative Power: Generate images and text directly from your mobile feed using simple words. 

  • Pro Performance: For our Copilot Pro users, enjoy a more responsive and swift interaction.

More specifically, the search widget now has the Copilot icon instead of the Bing one, which seemed really out of place for the last six months.

But the bigger change is now in the Feed feature, which users can access by swiping right to reveal Glance, News, and now, in between them, Copilot.

The UI for Copilot here is the same as the web version or the standalone Copilot app, letting users ask questions via audio, typing, or photo upload.

Copilot in Microsoft Launcher
Copilot in Microsoft Launcher

Of course, like everything else, users who aren't into Copilot can not have Copilot show in the Feed or hide the Feed altogether. You can even reorder Copilot to make it first or last in your feed.

Interestingly, compared to the full Copilot standalone Android app, the Launcher version seems to lack some advanced features like Designer, Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant, Fitness Trainer, and Notebook, which are displayed in the full app along with a Copilot Pro subscription.

Either way, you now have easier access to Microsoft Copilot, whether you rely on Microsoft Launcher, prefer the standalone app, or enjoy using both.

Microsoft Launcher logo
Microsoft Launcher logo

Microsoft Launcher

This Android launcher features a sleek design compatible with various Microsoft services, such as Microsoft To Do and Microsoft 365. The most recent update introduces Microsoft Copilot into the Feed and search widget.

Microsoft Copilot for Android
Microsoft Copilot for Android

Copilot for Android

Boost your productivity with Microsoft Copilot, the secure AI-powered assistant that enables you to discover, create, and accomplish tasks throughout all aspects of your life, now available for Android smartphones and tablets.