'Final Fantasy XVI' PC port announced, along with two DLC expansions

 Promotional screenshot of Final Fantasy XVI
Promotional screenshot of Final Fantasy XVI

What you need to know

  • During the Final Fantasy XVI, "Voices From Valisthea" panel at PAX West, Naoki Yoshida held a special message regarding the future of the game.

  • He announced that development has begun for a PC port of Final Fantasy XVI and two paid DLC expansions.

  • Final Fantasy XVI is the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series and is an action-RPG that follows the tragic life of a wandering warrior named Clive Rosfield.

On Sept 3. 2023, a video message from Final Fantasy XVI's producer, Naoki Yoshida (a.k.a. Yoshi-P) was shown during the Final Fantasy XVI "Voices from Valisthea" voice actor's panel at Pax West 2023. Naoki Yoshida had several announcements to make regarding the plans of Final Fantasy XVI post-launch development.

A Windows PC port of Final Fantasy XVI is now in the works, along with two upcoming paid DLC expansions. In addition, there is a free title update available right now that features cosmetic outfits and a weapon transmog system where you can change the look of your weapon without altering its stats.

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Final Fantasy XVI is the latest, mainline entry in Square Enix's flagship JRPG franchise. This game follows the tale of Clive Rosfield, a warrior on a quest for vengeance to slay a monster that took everything from him. Clive's journey will drag him into a war between the neighboring kingdoms of Valisthea, battles against towering monstrosities, and discover horrifying truths about himself and the world.

Will an Xbox version of Final Fantasy XVI be next?

Back in the May 2023, Naoki Yoshida confirmed that a PC port was coming for FFXVI after the timed PS5 exclusivity deal expired, though he says fans should expect it to arrive sometime later in 2024. Now that the PC port's development has officially begun, we have to wonder if an Xbox version is in the works as well.

Following the shocking announcement that Final Fantasy XIV would be coming to Xbox, Square Enix CEO Takashi Kiryu and Microsoft's Phil Spencer said that Square Enix plans to bring more of its games to Xbox. Xbox is confirmed in attendence at TGS 2023 in the coming weeks. Would that be a cool place for an announcement?

This could mean that we may see this upcoming PC game, potentially joining the Xbox's library of upcoming games and JRPGs in the future. Though whether that ends up happening, we will have to wait to find out.