Final Fantasy 7's weirdest spinoff is coming to PC

 Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.
Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is now in development for PC, meaning you'll no longer have to play the compilation title on mobile.

On September 26, Square Enix hosted a Japanese livestream for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, which launched on mobile earlier this month. During this live show, it was revealed that a Steam version of the Final Fantasy 7 mobile game is now in development, before it was announced again on the game's official Twitter account.

"Steam version under development!" the tweet below reads (machine translated). "We are working hard on the Steam version so that you can enjoy #FF7EC on PC as well!"

The tweet also confirms that players who have already started the game on mobile can share their data between the mobile version and the Steam version, and that more updates about the PC port of the game are on the way soon.

If you didn't know, Ever Crisis is essentially a retelling of all the Final Fantasy 7 stories so far - including the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Advent Children, and more. It also features its own original storylines, including one that follows young Sephiroth as well as more of Tifa's backstory. It's basically a compilation of the entire Final Fantasy 7 universe wrapped up in an adorable-looking gacha game (with many typical gacha trappings).

This PC release is great news for those who wanted to try the mobile game but didn't want to actually play it on mobile. We don't yet have a release date for the PC version of the JRPG, but if you want to make a head start you can obviously get your account going on mobile now - and there's an argument to be made that it's a must-try for diehard Final Fantasy 7 lore fans.

In other Cloud and co. news, if you thought the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy wasn't wild enough, the JRPG is apparently still heading to Advent Children territory.