Final Fantasy 16 is finally getting that PC port it was originally announced with

 Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive conjures up a magic fireball
Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive conjures up a magic fireball

Final Fantasy 16 producer, Naoki Yoshida, has finally revealed the team is working on a PC version of the game, and two sets of paid-for DLC.

Despite the original launch trailer mentioning the game would also be "available on PC", it's only now that we're actually getting confirmation that a Final Fantasy 16 PC version is in the works.

Yoshida dropped a special video on Twitter detailing a number of new additions for Final Fantasy 16, but also announced the game is getting two DLCs and that long-awaited PC version.

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"We've seen so many opinions and reactions from our community of Final Fantasy 16 players," explains Yoshida. "But one thing that came through particularly strong was how people wanted to see more of Valisthea's story and spend more time with her inhabitants. To accommodate, the development team has started work on two installments of DLC."

"While Final Fantasy 16 was released as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, we are aware that many of you have been asking for a PC version. So, allow me to take this opportunity to officially announce that development on a PC version is currently underway."

There's no word of when we can expect either DLCs or the PC version, but Yoshida states that he hopes to be able to give us an update "before the end of the year".

Handily, players have something to enjoy right now though, in the form of a free update for the game. It not only adds updates like new controller layouts, but also adds a weapon transmog feature for Clive's weapon. You can now change its appearance to look like any other blade in your possession without changing the stats of Clive's sword.

Plus, there are now alternate outfits for Clive, Jill, Joshua, and even Torgal. Clive gets a gothic Burnt Black option, while Jill gets a Snow White ensemble. Torgal's got an impressive upgrade too, with an epic Icy Blue look where it looks like he's got lightning in his fur.

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