Final Fantasy 14 players won't stop roasting Lalafells over their new baby chair

 Final Fantasy 14
Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 recently got an influx of new content to tide its community over until the next big expansion, the biggest highlight being the MMO’s first deep dungeon in five years. For fans, though, the highlight is how disrespected the Lalafell community feel by a new chair.

To get you up to speed, Square Enix added a new piece of furniture in patch 6.35 for players to use while decorating their houses. It’s designed for Final Fantasy 14’s diminutive Lalafell race, which is good as it’s been a minute since fans got new furniture. But it also looks like a baby chair, which is bad as being infantilised has long been a bugbear for many Lalafell players.

Some fans who play the race have called for the Lalafell Lifter to be renamed or removed entirely, whereas others argue the item is a harmless joke not worth blowing out of proportion. The debate has calmed down since, though jokes about the latest community discourse are still fairly plentiful.

Final Fantasy 14’s recent chair discourse was but one of few debates to come from the latest patch. We also got the next step in Endwalker’s Relic quest, though it wasn’t much of a step for those who have a good deal of Tomestones of Astronomy kicking about, which you can get from doing your typical offering of daily activities. It’s one step in a larger quest, though some fans miss the grind of other Relic weapons as it helped foster memories. Others, meanwhile, are happy to get some free time back.

Final Fantasy 14 has also got a new deep dungeon, which everyone is having a good time with.