Film Schools Brace for Virtual Classes and New Production Protocols

Brian Welk

Film schools will spend the summer anticipating what a fall semester trying to shoot student films will look like amid a pandemic. Hollywood, meanwhile, is trying to establish new production protocols for the industry, but what works for Hollywood may not necessarily work for all students. Universities across the country will have the added complication of trying to juggle those demands, while also educating remotely or in socially distant conditions. Each college has its own challenges depending on its size, location and access to technology. “We want to give the students the opportunity that they would get and that they paid for,” Henry Grillo, the interim dean for the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) said. “We have to walk a balance between what we feel is the smart way to do production and being certain that we don’t deny students that opportunity they have hoped to have.” Also Read: Are Studios and Networks Liable if Actors or Crew Contract COVID-19 on Set? Because UNCSA is a smaller institution with just 360 students in the filmmaking department, they’re expecting to be back on campus with a hybrid virtual and in-person experience. USC is doing something similar, with roughly only...

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