Filipinos protest ahead of Marcos' first State of the Nation Address

STORY: Protesters paraded a variety of banners demanding for the new administration to tackle issues such as rising unemployment, inflation, and independent foreign policy among others, while many also voiced anger at the autocratic rule of his father, Marcos Sr, from 1965 to 1986 and demanded the protection of people's rights and freedoms.

“We citizens do not forget the legacy of human rights violations and corruption of the Marcos dictatorship, especially now that Marcos Jr. will give his first State of the Nation address. That cannot be erased and the Marcoses need to be held accountable for all of their sins against the nation," said activist Renato Reyes Jr.

Young protester Maria Faustino said the government has been "red tagging", or blacklisting youth as "terrorists" as they are among the most vocal in expressing their opposition. Faustino said she was fighting for more safe spaces for youth, as well as academic freedom.

Marcos Jr. will deliver his first State of the Nation Address later on Monday, where he is expected to touch upon the country’s economic recovery program, pandemic response, and the return of face-to-face school sessions among other issues.

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