Filipino student tells Pope Francis to stop using anti-LGBTQ language


Jack Lorenz Acebedo Rivera, a senior psychology student from Ateneo de Manila University — a Catholic university — in the Philippines, urged Pope Francis to cease using anti-LGBTQIA+ language at a livestreamed panel discussion on June 20. He cited the pope’s alleged use of the term “frociaggine,” which roughly translates to “f*gg*try,” in recent private meetings to highlight the “immense pain” such language causes.

  • The pope's controversy: The 87-year-old religious leader reportedly first used the term in a closed door meeting while referring to priests and the general atmosphere at the Vatican in May, according to Italian media. The Holy See subsequently issued an apology, but the outrage has continued as he was accused of repeating the disparaging word in another meeting with Roman priests the following month.

  • "Outcasted and bullied": “I myself I am outcasted and bullied due to my bisexuality, my gayness, my identity, and being a son of a single parent,” Rivera, who wore a rainbow sash, said. In response, Pope Francis condemned discrimination and encouraged closeness but did not address the student’s appeal on his reported use of the homophobic term.


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