Filipino brothers use wooden sleigh to dodge COVID-19 pillion passenger ban

Two brothers found a way round a coronavrius ban on riding pillion - by attaching a wooden sleigh to the back of their motorcycle.

The bizarre wooden attachment carried the rider's brother so they can 'legally' ride to work together in the town of Cainta in Rizal province, the Philippines.

Onlooker Elland Terante said he was on his way to deliver his customer's food when he noticed the strange vehicle on June 13.

He said: "I think there is nothing wrong if you are riding with a relative. If you are cautious and aware of the safety measures against coronavirus, you will not get infected easily."

Riding pillion in the Philippines is not yet allowed under the Covid-19 preventive guidelines.

The Department of Transportation undersecretary Artemio Tuazon said the ban is part of the agency's guidelines for social distancing.

He said: "People are very close physically during backrides. There is a high chance for the virus to be transferred."