Filipina developer creates AI app to fight language extinction in the Philippines


A Filipina developer is promoting language appreciation and fighting language extinction with an artificial intelligence (AI) platform called Night Owl GPT.

Key details:

  • Night Owl GPT translates and promotes Filipino languages, integrating cultural nuances for deeper understanding.

  • Creator Anna Mae Yu Lamentillo hopes the mobile app can help empower Filipinos to communicate in their native languages.

The details:

  • Lamentillo, 33, is a former government official currently studying at the London School of Economics (LSE). She also serves as the Chief Future Officer of nonprofit Build Initiative Foundation Inc.

  • The Philippines has over 170 languages, but many face endangerment due to factors like globalization and dominance of Filipino, a standardized variety of Tagalog.

  • Night Owl GPT was incubated under LSE Generate and built under Lamentillo's organization. It provides accurate, real-time translations, supporting major languages like Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilocano.

  • The app also incorporates cultural insights for inclusive communication across Filipino communities. It works without an internet connection, making it accessible in remote or underserved areas.

  • Lamentillo believes every Filipino voice deserves to be heard. With her platform, she hopes to connect Filipinos with their roots and help them discover a deeper appreciation for their culture and native languages.

What's next:

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  • Lamentillo is committed to include all 175 languages in the Philippines in future updates.


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