Fiji imposes curfew as Cyclone Yasa approaches

Fiji declared a state of natural disaster on Thursday (December 17), as Cyclone Yasa approached the Pacific island nation.

The category five storm is expected to bring winds of up to 250km per hour and torrential rain.

The government has ordered a nationwide 14-hour curfew, urging the island's one million residents to stay inside.

People have been bordering up their homes in preparation for the storm's arrival:

"We are just preparing for the cyclone which is going hit us today. You see that we are working together now as church members, we called each other this morning to come and brace ourselves because of this cyclone, thank you."

Already, storm force winds and heavy rains have been recorded in some parts of the country.

Fiji's government said that more than 95 percent of the population live in the direct path of Yasa,

and weather forecasters have warned there's likely to be flash flooding and waves as high as 10 metres.

There's also concern for the 50 foreign yachts moored in the southern part of the island chain.