Gaza City's Shujaiya district heavily bombarded for fourth consecutive day

Gaza City's Shujaiya district was devastated by a fourth consecutive day of heavy fighting on Sunday. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have fled the devastated area as Israeli forces reported they had eliminated several targets, located weapons and conducted raids on booby-trapped compounds.

Heavy battles and bombardment hit Gaza City's Shujaiya district for a fourth day on Sunday, months after Israel declared Hamas's command structure dismantled in the northern area.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have fled the devastated neighbourhood, where the army said it has carried out raids and fought Palestinian militants both "above and below ground" in tunnels.

Months of on-and-off talks towards a Gaza truce and hostage release deal have meanwhile made little progress, with Hamas saying Saturday there was "nothing new" in a revised plan presented by US mediators.

The Israeli military reported clashes in central Gaza and the southern Rafah area, a week after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the "intense phase" of the war raging since October 7 was nearing an end.

For those who remain, "our lives have become hell", said 50-year-old Shujaiya resident Siham al-Shawa.

"We do not know where to go to protect ourselves."

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