Fighting the Myanmar coup with ukeleles

Armed with nothing but an arsenal of ukeleles, a group of around thirty young protesters joined demonstrations against the coup and strummed their dissatisfaction away, making sure their voices, and strings, were heard.

Wai Moe Aung, a 25 year-old musician based in Yangon, calls his generation that came of age during Myanmar's years of democratic development "Generation Z".

"My message to dictatorship from Generation Z is you are not be able to control us, we are going to continue our protest in every possible way that nobody has ever done in history before. We are going to express our rights in the peaceful manner," said Wai Moe Aung, adding that he hopes to inspire others to join his musical ukulele revolution.

He added that he has been inspired by both the 1988 and 2007 protests, in which hundreds of thousands took to the streets to demand for change.