Fighting erupts in eastern Myanmar near Thai border

Heavy fighting erupted in Myanmar along the eastern border with Thailand on Tuesday.

Villagers said they saw heavy gunfire before sunrise at a Myanmar military outpost in an area that is largely controlled by Karen ethnic minority fighters.

Later, the Karen National Union - Myanmar's oldest rebel force - said it had captured the army position.

The fighting is one of the most intense clashes in Myanmar since the military launched a coup earlier this year and plunged the country into crisis.

Karen groups say 24,000 people have been displaced by conflict in recent weeks, including air strikes by Myanmar's air force.

Elsewhere in Myanmar, there have been relatively few reports of bloodshed, since the weekend meeting between junta leader Min Aung Hlaing and Southeast Asian leaders.

But protests have continued against the junta with calls for education staff and students to boycott.

Activists have also criticised the meeting of ASEAN saying it helped legitimize the junta.