How FIFA’s new offside tech will work

STORY: FIFA is promising new technology will make offside decisions

faster and more accurate at the World Cup in Qatar

Though the organization says it won't be instantaneous

Here’s how the upgraded system works

Twelve cameras have been placed around the stadium

They will track 29 points on each player’s body

A sensor inside the match ball will send data

to an operations room 500 times a second

(Pierluigi Collina, Chairman, FIFA Refereeing Committee)

“Our objective is to prepare the referee as best as possible to avoid using technology, but technology is there to avoid that mistake... He is a human being, and we know that. That's why we’ve implemented the system, using tools that can really reduce the possibility of a human mistake that can affect the outcome of the match.”

The technology has already been tested

at two tournaments over the last year

It will be used in all World Cup venues