FIFA 23 skill moves guide with every trick, flick and spin

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 FIFA 23

Surely you've mastered all four new FIFA 23 skill moves by now? Nope? Then everything you need to boss FIFA 23 throughout the summer is right here. Those fresh specials are the Heel Fake, First Time Feint Turn, Stutter Feint, and Heel to Ball Roll, but we've got instructions for all the classic twists and turns too. Oh, and three new fake shots, just in case you breezed through all the above ages ago. It's all in GR's FIFA 23 skill moves guide.

FIFA 23 skill moves star ratings explained


As touched on above, the FIFA 23 skill moves list is split into five categories. Every player in the game has an independent 'skill moves' rating, which you can find on their attributes screen, and determines how many tricks he or she can pull off. One-star players can only unleash moves in that category, whereas five-star players can nail every last one. As you'd expect, most defenders have lower ratings, while wingers can often be found with four stars and above. For a peek at all this year's top players, check out the FIFA 23 ratings guide.

FIFA 23 skill moves list


1 Star Skill Moves

These are the basic tricks that anyone can pull off – even goalkeepers. Even so, you're brave busting any of them out using Nick Pope. The First Time Feint Turn is new this year.

2 Star Skill Moves

99% of outfield players have two-star skills so you shouldn't have any trouble doing these nifty tricks.

3 Star Skill Moves

Most midfielders and forwards have three star skills, enabling them to pull off 'classic' FIFA favourites such as the Roulette and Heel Chop.

4 Star Skill Moves

Four new moves join the four-star category for FIFA 23: the Heel to Ball Roll, Jog Open Up, Stand Open Up, and Explosive Fake Shot. To use the latter your player much have both Acceleration and Sprint Speed ratings of 85 or more.

5 Star Skill Moves

The best of the best – and priciest of the priciest, in so far as Ultimate Team is concerned. The Heel Fake is brand new for FIFA 23.

5 Star Juggling Tricks

Those with five-star skill moves also have bespoke juggling moves. Nail these to properly humiliate opponents, if that's your thing.