'The Fierce Savage' is Jordan's only female MMA fighter

This is Jordan’s only professional female MMA fighter

LOCATION: Amman, Jordan

Lina Fayyad is dubbed the “The Fierce Savage”

and has been involved in combat sports since 2012

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) MIXED MARTIAL ARTS FIGHTER, LINA FAYYAD, SAYING:"My father used to be a boxer when he was young. He used to encourage me to engage in combat sports. My family, including my father, used to encourage me as well when they saw me training and taking part in contests. I believe that each person was born with a passion to work on to be happy in life. This is my happiness!"

31-year-old Fayyad is a member of all-men’s team, ‘Gladiators’

She trains and competes with them in regional and international championships

(SOUNDBITE) (Arabic) MIXED MARTIAL ARTS FIGHTER, LINA FAYYAD, SAYING:"There are no other women playing this game in Jordan. In the beginning, I used to train with young men which was really strange. They supported and helped me a lot. In the end, this is sport! Society was one of the challenges I encountered. I received criticism because I took part and I was told I was a woman trying to be a man."

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