Fi Glover & Jane Garvey - Leaving the BBC and podcast 'Fortunately'; Oversharing; the fight for gender pay parity and their return to live radio

Award-winning broadcasters Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chat to Kate about leaving the BBC and their podcast 'Fortunately'; Oversharing to 30 million people; the release of their book 'Did I say that Out Loud'; their fight for gender pay parity and the exciting new ventures ahead on Times Radio.

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Video transcript

KATE THORNTON: So talk me through how a resignation like this plays out. Because this is huge, right? You are like a sparkling jewel in the crown of the BBC. 30 million downloads. I don't know many BBC podcasts that can even say that they've come close to that.

FI GLOVER: I mean, I think if we surprised ourselves in the success of Fortunately-- which we are enormously grateful for-- I think we surprised the BBC in the success of Fortunately.

JANE GARVEY: And I love podcasts. But for me, my big love was always live radio. And the appeal of being able to go back to that, with the real risk involved, because you can massively make a tit of yourself.

KATE THORNTON: A bit like-- like a sort of professional Shirley Valentine scenario, isn't it? Somebody has come along and turned your head--


KATE THORNTON: --on holiday. You've got a bit of a tan, and everything looks a bit fabulous. Thank you.

JANE GARVEY: A slightly older gent in a Jag has turned up outside my house.

FI GLOVER: And if we could just get a giant pepper pot on the table. We're there in the trattoria at the end of the rocks.

KATE THORNTON: So tell me, how does it feel when you're chatted up to make a move like this?

JANE GARVEY: It is hugely flattering. And of course, it does give you-- you think, OK. Maybe, actually, this time of life tends to be associated with indecision and panic-- certainly for me-- and insecurity as well. So to have someone come along and say, you two, you're actually rather good, and we think we could do something with you. It does give you a massive boost, doesn't it? And I want other women of our age-- my age, to be encouraged by that.