Feng shui for sex? Master points out ways to improve libido using energy forces

Milad Hassandarvish
To elevate sexual desire at home, make sure your bedroom feels romantic and private. — Pexels.com pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 24 — Feng shui is the ancient art and science of balancing energies in any given space.

The traditional practice, which is also referred to as geomancy, was developed in China 6,000 years ago as a way to assure good fortune and health.

But, did you know that the way you organise your house and bedroom can also affect your sex life?

As we head into the new Lunar year, Malay Mail asked feng shui master Jessie Lee to highlight effective ways to improve sexual desire by incorporating the ancient practice at home.

Referring to the flying star chart, Lee regarded south-west and the west sectors of the house as the “love corner” due to the presence of star four and nine, which represent relationship and happiness.

For the uninitiated, the flying star chart is an astrological chart to analyse positive and negative stars and their influence on a building.

Flying star chart for 2020. — Picture courtesy of Soleil Trinity

To activate the energy and boost sexual desire at home, Lee advised decluttering those two sectors and ensure good ventilation.

“When we have healthy sexual desire, it means our hormones are ventilating well in our body, hence we have to make sure these sectors are free from any blockage and distractions at home,” she said. 

Lee also said the west sector is considered the best for having sexual activities due to the presence of multiplying (happiness) and prosperity stars.

To trigger good qi (the circulating life force) in the west sector, Lee said it would be good to place an aquarium or a fountain with flowing water or any moving object that is very yang (masculine energy).

Apart from that, Lee said creating a “salty pool” at the West Two sector of the house at a 270-degree-angle of the house would help boost sexual desire of the inhabitants.

“If you find you are lacking libido, add a bit of salt into a bowl of water (preferably circulating water) and place it at the West Two sector to improve sexual desire.

“From the feng shui perspective, a salty pool is considered natural Viagra,” Lee added.

Jessie Lee is the owner and founder of Soleil Trinity Resource, a professional Chinese metaphysics boutique consultancy in Malaysia. — Picture by Hari Anggara

To further elevate the sexual ambiance at home, Lee said couples should create a bedroom that is conducive for intimate moments.

According to her, thoughtful choice of colours and decorations in the bedroom would help put couples in the right mood for sex.

“You don’t have to paint the whole room in red or make it like a ‘sex chamber’, but it would be helpful to add a pinch of red or pink colour to keep love at bay,” she said.

If you plan to create a photo wall in your bedroom, Lee said it’s best to display “naughty” photos of your lover instead of family or your children.

“Having artistic or nude photos in the bedroom would also help open up the appetite for sex.”

Apart from seductive decoration, Lee advised adding soft, silky items such as pillows, bed sheet or cushions to help get your sexual energy up.

“Add warmth to your bedroom with dim, warm light and romantic music playing in the background.

“Make sure the room feels romantic and private as things are about to get steamy,” Lee added.

She also advised to strictly avoid cluttering the bedroom with distractions such as TV, play station set, laptop or mobile phones.

“The bedroom is a place where couples need to settle down and just focus on each other’s emotional needs, so stop playing with your phones or laptop if you want to have some intimate session with your lover,” she said.

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