Feng Shui: Harnessing The Ox-Picious "Qi" For Your Work And Home

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Feng Shui: Harnessing The Ox-Picious
Feng Shui: Harnessing The Ox-Picious "Qi" For Your Work And Home

Article contributed by Dr Alan Poon.

It’s that time of the year again, where everyone is keen to know the outlook for the new year, more so after we have survived the COVID-19 pandemic and many sudden changes in 2020.

The hottest topic, of course, would be from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Metaphysics, or generally labelled as ‘Feng Shui’.

PropertyGuru Tip

Do note that 'Feng Shui' has nothing to do with religion at all, it's basically the branch of Chinese Metaphysics involving the study of landforms!

In Feng Shui, the invisible force of this form of natural energy is similar to the power of vision that one must have, when it comes to ensuring a property that we've invested in is able to yield the returns we want.

One would also like to harness the 'Qi' that is hidden in our home (or office), so that all will be well in this year. Nothing is more important than having peace of mind coming from our own abode, where we would be spending most of our time residing in it.

The popular quote "Home Sweet Home” is truly fitting here, but how does one ensure that the energies are there in the first place, to begin tapping them for beneficial use?

Do they really exist, and will there be such thing as an invisible force influencing our state of mind, body, and even the outcome of our actions in future?

Since most of us are working from home now in the new normal, it is only right that we dive further into this topic to harness the energy flow or 'Qi' that could affect us from where we stay or work.

Declutter: Out With The Old, In With The New

young caucasian woman standing in clean house holding cleaning products, looking at tidy room
young caucasian woman standing in clean house holding cleaning products, looking at tidy room

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, this also means that spring cleaning has arrived, as the Chinese community prepares to welcome another brand-new year!

The coming of Spring falls on 12 February 2021 (according to the Gregorian calendar). Unknown to many, the actual incoming year of the Metal Ox will be happening on 3 February 2021 (at 10:59pm, to be exact).

Since the study of ‘Feng Shui’ revolves mainly around the movement of 'Qi', which is the energy flow, it is no doubt that any blockages are not favoured.

It only makes sense to have ample space, especially when it comes our home and workplace. Decluttering our spaces, and simplifying them, is the new order of the day.

This is the basis of receiving any good 'Qi', since a house that is spacious and brightly lit without much clutter will allow more 'Yang' (positive) energy to be present (as opposed to dimly lit areas, where 'Yin' [negative] energy presides).

So, make time to throw away all that's unnecessary, especially items that only take up space but never really get moved over the years!

Where changes happen, growth is imminent and therefore, a new year means new arrangements as you reorganise your room or area in the home.

Negate The ‘Bad Sectors’


Chinese Metaphysics has been applied over thousands of years ago, as a form of ancient science of observations by sages.

As such, traditional ‘Feng Shui’ is all about tapping into the good energies of spaces where we spend most of our time to work, rest, or play.

Before we tap into and harness the annual good 'Qi' in our home and workplace, there are also annual negative sectors that one may want to avoid.

This is known as the 'Sha-Qi’, or unfavourable energy, which could potentially bring bad luck. Just like anything in life, there are two sides to the coin.

In other words, we need to be cautious of which sector of the house contains that particular energy, so that we can spend less time in it.

There is usually one sector which we should try our best NOT to trigger, for that sector symbolises calamity, and will be disastrous to the occupants of the house the whole year round.

For the year 2021, we need to reduce our time spent in the SOUTH EAST sector of the house/workplace, and adhere to these few actions below:

  1. Do not do any renovation or knocking on the walls, etc.

  2. Do not move the furniture, no matter whether it's adding new ones, or removing old ones.

  3. Do not place exposed water containers/tanks/storage in this sector, such as a large aquarium or fountain.


As the saying goes, “Some things are better left untouched”. For most cultural believes where many superstitions are rooted from, many people are without understanding of the basis of such statements.

While there could be some truth in certain taboos that have passed down verbally, it’s also common sense that there is no harm in following advices such as above, especially when it does not hurt or require any form of modification to the house.

Tapping Into The ‘Good Energies’

As with the notion that being positive brings good luck, there are multiple positive sectors which augurs well, if the occupants spend their time in that particular sector(s) for specific purposes.

Notwithstanding that everyone has their own set of 'Bazi' (destiny chart) that determines personal luck, the general rule of these annual good vibes for 2021 will be as follows:

1) WEALTH LUCK: West Sector

For those who are looking at generating more income this year, you should spare more time working in this sector of your home.

You can place your working desk, or even set-up an entire mini office here, just to tap into the wealth sector for increasing sales volume.

Activities such making calls to prospective clients, doing your financial paperwork, and doing your sales closings are encouraged.

2) INVESTMENT LUCK: North East Sector


There is another sector for those who want to find good returns from indirect wealth activities, such as your investment portfolio.

This is the area where you can do your researching, studying, and planning, before you jump into the risk-vs-reward arena for undervalued assets.

Be it in real estate or the stock market, you're going to want to activate this sector to reap the rewards and maximise the most profitable year for you!

Do bear in mind that it is not just about spending time in the sector alone, there must be corresponding actions to ensure your activities are supported, for the luck to manifest and seen as real results.

3) ASSISTANCE LUCK: South Sector

Now, this is one of the most important sectors when it comes to ensuring the door of opportunities are open throughout the year!

No man is an island, and it only makes sense to tap into the resources of others. Having said that, you must be in sight when helpful people are willing to extend a helping hand.

It’s always good to have a mentor who can guide us to the path of victory with the shortest route, or even a few close friends who will always have your back.

4) ACADEMIC LUCK: East Sector


This could be the most misunderstood sector, where it is arguably assumed to be a sector for students sitting for exams or scholarly pursuits only.

While it is undeniably helpful for those requiring academic clarity, spending time in the East can allow the occupant to harness the needed 'Qi' for more output work.

This can involve anything from writings to producing music, but more importantly, make use of the opportunity for personal development and growth in one’s career.

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In case you are thinking "What if some of these sectors are in my kitchen, toilet, or staircase?" and that you will be unable to occupy that area of the house, don't worry!

The whole idea is to tap into the energies, and not to be held back by what is not able to be done. Therefore, do not get stressed if those sectors are not usable for this year.

Having said all the above, there are still plenty of methods to harness the Ox-picious Qi for ones abode or workplace and these methods do not serve as a be-all end-all for a good year throughout.



Dr Alan Poon is an award-winning international speaker, serial entrepreneur and author of the three “Good Tenant, Great Tenant” book series on tenant management. As founder and CEO of SuperiorWealth Resources, a business advisory firm specialising in real estate solutions, he is also a media influencer for his contrarian insights and market observations of the real estate industry. Feel free to connect with him at his Facebook page, or email him at alanpoon.official@gmail.com