Female referees make history at Qatar World Cup

STORY: Rwanda’s Salima Mukansanga

is making World Cup history

She's among the three female referees selected

to officiate at a men’s World Cup for the first time

(Salima Mukansanga, Referee)

“We are here because we deserve to be here. Back at our confederation, or back at home it is another level, so this is the biggest level of football. So being here means we deserve to be here, it's not a change or because we are women.”

Three female assistant referees were also selected

They will not have to adhere

to any cultural or religious customs

(Pierluigi Collina, Chairman, FIFA Refereeing Committee)

"This is the message I gave them when they attended the first time the seminar of the selected match officials. You are here not because you are women, you are here because you are FIFA match officials."