Female magician promotes planet with her tricks

STORY: “I've always loved magic. I don't remember not loving it."

Megan Swann is a trailblazing female magician

whose tricks have a vital aim: to raise awareness about climate change and the environment.

The world of magic has been traditionally dominated by men.

When Swann was born in 1992, Britain's The Magic Circle society had only just started allowing women to join.

Now at 30, Swann is the youngest and first female president of the society.

“The Magic Circle took its time to allow women to join. They first joined the society in 1991, which was the year before I was born. So I have grown up in a world where I could always join the magic circle, and I know I'm really fortunate for that. I think it's definitely still male-dominated. And I think it will continue to be for a long time. But I definitely feel it's become more welcoming and I feel a lot more comfortable here than I did when I first started running for positions. And I think just the acceptance that it is a welcoming place and raising awareness that, you know what, women aren't kept to the side. We are valued members of the magic circle."

Swann studied wildlife conservation at university.

She's been using her position and magic to spread the message about issues facing planet Earth.

"I use magic as a communications tool. It's a way to capture attention and share a message in a fun way. And I design them in ways that when you're thinking about the trick and what happened, it helps you to remember the message as well."

"One of my favorite pieces to perform uses three ropes which represents our plants, animals and insects. They start of equal length showing that nature is in balance and everything has its place. As I talk about the issues the world faces, mainly caused by us humans, they become different sizes, some become dominant, some are shrinking, going extinct. And other species are maybe not so affected right now. I then talk about what we can do to help and restore the ropes back to their original equal length in the hope that we humans can make nature be much more in balance.”

“There are so many different ways to get the message out there I think the more it becomes embedded in everything we do, the more hope we have of getting those messages through so anyone can make a difference. Don't think that you can't."

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