Feisty reef fish repeatedly attacks swimmer who gets too close

The fish that live ion the corals in the ocean come in all sizes, shapes and colours. They also come with very different personalities too. Some are friendly and curious, and likely to approach a swimmer for a close look. Some are shy and will quickly swim away from anything larger than themselves. And some are as brave as lions and will try to put the run on anything or anybody who gets into their territory.

This Sgt. Major is one of those fish. Equipped with a set of surprisingly sharp teeth, and the attitude of a great white shark, he defends an area of the coral that he has claimed for his own. Serena has swum down for a close look and she is surprised by the unfriendly greeting. He repeatedly pecks at her head and eyes, delivering harmless, but painful nips in the process.

These fish are known for the grumpy attitudes and unfriendly nature. They will chase off anything in an effort to defend their turf. You have to admire the courage, even if you don't agree with this little fish's approach.