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'My skin and hair feel softer': This shower head filters impurities and softens hard water—and It’s only $23 for Labor Day

What is it?

Showering should feel revitalizing, but that's not always the case when hard water leaves behind an almost slimy residue on your skin. Never dealt with it? Hard water can make your hands feel slimy and leave behind a dirty film on your dishes. The solution, at least for your shower, is this water-softening shower head from Feelso.

This shower head contains 15 different layers of filtration to purge extra minerals from your water and make you feel like you're bathing in a mountain spring.

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$23 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

First of all, this is the lowest price ever for this product — and that's before you apply the coupon code. The other aspect that makes this a great deal is the fact that it filters your bath water. You'll feel cleaner, and you can actually save a bit of water since you won't need to use as much water to get clean.

Why do I need this?

A lot of people don't even realize they have hard water, especially if they live somewhere it's always been an issue. For example, Florida deals with a lot of dissolved limestone in the tap water that can create hard water. To combat the effects, this shower head utilizes layers of calcium sulfite, activated carbon, vitamin C, ceramic balls, and more to filter out these materials so that you actually, you know, feel clean after bathing. All of this works together to remove these minerals from your shower water before it reaches your skin, trapping it all inside the shower head and disposing of it.

But if it's never bothered you, why should you care? Easy: your health. There are quite a few scientific studies linking eczema outbreaks to prolonged exposure to hard water. If you want to keep your skin nice and healthy, you should avoid exposing it to hard water whenever possible. Sure, you can install a filter at your home (which is a good idea if you live in an area where hard water is prevalent), but an easy fix is this screw-on shower head.

shower head.
Get smoother, softer water with this mineral-busting shower head with a 15-stage filtration system. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

Customers love this shower head. Even if you have nice water where you live, a little extra filtration can't hurt. Nearly 3,000 excited shoppers give this shower head a perfect five-star rating.

"It’s worth way more than what they charge," wrote one impressed shopper. "Everything about how this shower head feels is everything I could ever want from it. I’m impressed with the water pressure, texture, simplicity, versatility and ease-of-install associated with this product. Makes me excited to shower!"

"This is one of my favorite purchases of all time," shared a rave reviewer. "I was using a basic shower head that came with the apartment to this new handheld filtered shower head and it changed my life. I've been struggling with hair loss and skin irritations which led me to purchasing this shower head and what a difference it has been on my hair and skin. My hair has been noticeably fuller and my skin is not as dry and itchy as it was before."

"This shower head is amazing," raved another five-star fan. "The pressure is amazing, all three settings are a dream. It's got a lot of power but somehow remains soft and doesn't hurt your head or skin. After a single shower my skin feels softer and so does my hair. It's not tangled like it was with the hard city water."

Say goodbye to hard water — and hopefully to skin and hair irritation.

$23 at Amazon

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