Feels So Good: Dog Siblings So Excited as They're Reunited

The heartwarming moment a pair of dog siblings were reunited by their respective owners has become a TikTok hit, racking up over 2.7 million views at the time of writing.

Las Vegas native Emily Pate told Storyful that she made the trip out to Los Angeles with her dog, Mochi, to reunite the pooch with her sibling Aurora (or Rory for short), sharing the footage to her TikTok account on August 19.

Pate’s grandmother is a soft-coated wheaten terrier breeder and she told Storyful that, while she’d wanted one of the dogs “for years,” her studies had previously stopped her. But “during quarantine I finally gave in,” Pate said.

In the footage, Mochi is the dog on a leash, with both dogs equally excited to see one another. Pate found Rory’s family through social media posts tagging her grandmother’s business.

“I reached out to her owner and we set up a play date so they could see each other again,” she said. Pate and Mochi then drove to LA.

“Mochi and I made a trip out and were able to go to their home so they could play. We still keep in close contact and plan to have many more play dates!” Pate said. Credit: Emily Pate via Storyful

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