Feeling salty: Malaysia TikTok comes for British woman who called local potato chips ‘weird’

Malaysia gained its independence from the British almost sixty-six years ago, and guess what? Post-independence, we also gained some pretty awesome potato chips, we mean, crisps flavours. Salt and vinegar are all right but there’s more to life.

Recently, TikTok user, Nicole Crewe called the potato chips selection in a Malaysian supermarket “weird”.

In the video, she focused on flavours like the national favourite, salted egg to spicy offerings like hot chilli squid and tom yum.

Crewe – who is British – said in her caption said that the flavours were “weird” and that Malaysians should just stick to eating vinegar and salt chips. Er, no?

Her sense of entitlement caught the public’s attention and soon enough Malaysians flooded her comment section with humorous and sarcastic comments.

We are all about spices and flavours from this part of the world! Got a favorite? Let us know in the comments!


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