'Feeling Safer': DC Resident Surveys Security Near Capitol

Security was increased around the United States Capitol in Washington on Thursday, January 14, ahead of Inauguration Day after Trump supporters violently took over the Capitol on January 6.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that armed protesters could gather in Washington before and on Inauguration Day, which is set for January 20, local media reported.

Reports said officials expect about 20,000 National Guard members to serve as security in Washington. Other security measures include a protective perimeter around the White House, a number of street closures, and changes to public transportation, according to reports.

Ezra Hug said he filmed this video on Thursday morning that shows fencing and troops gathered near Pennsylvania Avenue and 2nd Street, about two blocks from the Capitol building. Hug, who said he lives in Washington, said the increased security left him “feeling safer.” Credit: Ezra Hug via Storyful